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2017/18 Saints City Trust Prediction League - 15 October 2017

Here is the first update on the 2017/18 Saints City Trust Prediction League, which shows Mick Roberts, a previous winner from the 2012/13 season, edging into a narrow 2 point lead. A long way to go………….............. 

As at 15 October 2017

No. and Points

Saints City Trust General Knowledge Quiz - 13 October 2017

This year's General Knowledge Quiz took place in the Saints Bar on Friday 13 October, with the lead changing continuously throughout the evening right up to the very end and the final 'wipe out' round again proving to be the deciding factor.  The quiz was set and run on the night by Greg Needoff and Simon Edwards.  All in all, it was a very successful evening.


The final positions were as follows -

  1.   Team Win  133

  2.   Bab's Things  130

  3.   The Infamous Five  126

  4.   Doombar  124  

  5.   The Tridecaphobics  122