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2020/21 Saints City Trust Prediction League - 1 June 2021

After the longest and yet again most difficult season for obvious reasons, I attach the results of this season’s Predictions League following the Champions League Final.  As previously stated, no points have been awarded for those leagues that were voided. The winners are as follows:

1. John Knock 23 pts £100
2. Barry Hilliard 20 pts and 3 champions £25
3. Bernie Brothwell 20 pts and 1 champion £10

John won due to his skill at picking cup winners.  Barry and Bernie were level on points but Barry was second, as he chose more 4 point winners.

notes of meeting between football club and season ticket holders

Notes of meeting held via Zoom by St Albans City F.C and season ticket holders on Thursday 22ND April 2021

LL = Lawrence Levy

TC = Tony Colbourne

IA = Ian Allinson

IR = Ian Rogers

LL opened the meeting stating any questions raised would be answered , and went onto to say it is now 10 years since himself and John McGowan had taken over ownership of the football club. He went on to say it had been a steep learning curve and particularly difficult both financially and operationally over the last 2 years.

2020/21 Saints City Trust Prediction League - 10 January 2021

From Duncan McLeod - 

The following is an update at 10 January 2021. As the so called Trident Leagues have been halted since November and it is likely the leagues will be voided, I have taken out any scores for these. If they restart, they will be included again.

Thank you for your support in these difficult times.


Ian Rogers and John Sylvester share top spot, with John Kay 2 points behind in 3rd. At the foot of the table, Ellen Shorey, Sue Sylvester, Andrew Kay and William Palmer are all battling to steer clear of bottom position.