The Saints City Trust is once again running the ever-popular Prediction League over the coming 2023/24 season. The aim is to predict which teams will win the major league and cup competitions.  Previous years have seen the winners only decided by the last few games.

£5 entry fee

* Winner £100 prize, second place £25 and third place £10

* Points will be awarded as follows:

* League Champions 4 points and Cup Winners 4 points

* Runners up 3 points and losing finalists 3 points

* Third place 2 points and losing semi finalists 2 points

* Fourth place 1 point

* The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the season. In the event of a tie the person with the greatest number of 4 point predictions wins.

* If still level, the prizes will be shared between those with the same number of points.

* All entries and cash to a Trust Board Member by Saturday 23 September 2023.

• A copy of your prediction and those of the other entrants will be sent to you.

• Updates of the latest position will be published regularly in the Club Programme and on the Trust website.

• Further details from Trust Board Members.


You can also pick up an application form at the Trust stand at the York Road entrance to the ground on match days.  Any questions or queries should be directed to Duncan McLeod or Barry Hilliard via this site.  Feel free to download the form and send it to friends, family and colleagues.  Why not e-mail it around the office and have a mini-competition with your friends at work?  It is lots of fun and well worth entering so that you can check up on your chosen teams throughout the season.

The closing date is Saturday 23 September 2023.

Entries can be posted to:

Saints City Trust
10 Edward Close
St Albans

Note that where entries are posted to the Saints City Trust, cheques should be made out to - 'St. Albans City Supporters Trust'


Forms can be downloaded from the Documents section -


Good luck!