Notes from Fans Forum held on Thursday 2nd February 2017

Notes from Fans Forum held on Thursday 2nd Febraury 2017


In attendance

Lawrence Levy [LL]

Tom Norman  [TN]

Ian Allinson  [IA]

26 supporters


LL opened the evening saying this is the 6th year in charge for the current owners, they are still learning about football, but this is a very different club to that they took control of. The club is working towards a modern sustainable football club, Burton Albion was mentioned as an example.

Update on new ground

LL explained the approach taken on this matter, “we have engaged with SADC to create a family football club utilising Football Conference trust money to go into schools and creating football for all such as the deaf and disability squads.

Reference was made to the strategic local plan and the failure of the Colney Heath project.

Meetings are regularly held with council planners, the council had offered Westminster Lodge as a site with SACFC funding the project over a 20 year period, this was not viable as there were issues over who had priority on usage.

The most recent detailed local plan in October 2016 included SADC support for the relocation of SACFC if a suitable site can be found.

A number of local organisations including the University of Hertfordshire, Oaklands College, and the Chamber of Commerce had   written to SADC supporting SACFC request to relocate.


LL said that by April he hoped SACFC would be firmly in a planning document for the first time.


LL went onto say we now have an increase in the number of younger supporters attending matches now and the junior saints club now had 300 members.


The subject of supporters behaviour at recent matches was raised, LL sai this has not been in line with the clubs vision of a family club, the flare incident at Hemel, the verbal and personal abuse directed at players were spoken about. LL said that he has been approached by a number of supporters complaining about supporters behaviour recently, a comment was made from the floor that the minority of supporters who caused these type of problems were not present this evening but were content to sit behind their keyboards and conduct campaigns.

LL spoke about the action taken against Ben Martin.


A question was asked about banning supporters those supporters involved?. LL said he cannot act on hearsay but that there is a list of those supporters concerned and that warnings and bans will be given.

A comment was made some self policing of supporters would help alleviate the problem.

IA commented on the impact on the club generally by such behaviour, and the FA view on issues such as flares. LL added that there would be no 2nd chances if bans were issued.

There were a number of supporters comments on this issue.

LL said he and John McGowan are attending a council meeting next week and they are talking to 2 landowners, he added the constraints on Clarence Park made it impossible to do anything here.


A question was asked re ground grading, was the stadium up to standard for higher levels of football?. LL said money would need to be spent to do this, and spoke of funding generally if we are promoted.

LL spoke about Junior Morias transfer, this had involved a fee but after taking into account the wages etc paid to Junior the transfer was cost neutral.



Following the break Ian Allison (IA) took questions from the floor.


He began with the recent dip in form and talked about a drop in the level of performance of some players and injuries. Louie Theophanous goal count had fallen with speculation about his future and the departure of Junior Morias being factors. IA was hopeful that Louie’s form would improve.


IA then discussed the need for new signings which were made over the Christmas period. He believed the players coming in had improved the quality of the squad and he had kept within budget. He was building for the future and a number of players were on contracts to reflect this. His aim was year on year improvement. He highlighted some of the problems with the transfer market including the role of agents. However, St. Albans had good reputation and were attracting good players.


IA then talked about some of the recent poor performances particularly Oxford and Concord Rangers. He recognised playing Ryan Johnson at full back against Oxford was a mistake. Also that we needed to fight to earn the right to play. Too many goals were being conceded by individual mistakes.


IA was looking for a similar run to last year to finish the season. He was concentrating on achieving a play-off place.