Saints City Trust Members Survey

The results of the recent on line survey can be found here

In addtion to this data we received a number of hard copies and a summary of these are shown below. Our thanks to everyone who took part in the survey , we are formulating an action plan from the survey which will posted shortly.

Survey replies received via post

Communication with members - scored about right but trust must create more awareness that we actually exsist

Methods used to communicate with members - most replies said the web site and faxce to communication.

Management of trust funds  - all replies said they were satisfied with the trust management of funds 

Main priorities for next year - comments included - raise profile of the trust - get more information in the local press - improve communications with football club - sustainability of the football club- 

How can we improve as a trust?

answers included - regular publicity for the trust to increase membership - The possibilty of getting a new stadium is a pipe dream , the Trust and the football club must lobby the council to get improvements made to Clarence Park.

How can we broaden membership of the trust?

It depends on how well the players perform on the pitch - more in the programme and local presss.

How satisfied are you with your matchday experience ?

Scored an average of 4 - improve toilet facilities was one comment.

What would you like to see the Trust doing that it does not currently do?

Work with club to get a new ground and increase awareness of this with away supporters - improve publicty for matches with posters/flyers.