Trust Winter Newsletter

Winter News letter 2015



Changes at the football club

As we all now know joint managers Jimmy Gray and Graham Goulds resigned from their posts following the match at Lowestoft Town, I personally made a speech on the return coach journey thanking them for everything they have done for the club and I am sure all trust members will wish them well for the future.

This announcement was followed days afterwards by the resignation of club secretary Steve Eames, I have worked with Steve for 20 years at the club  and wish to record my thanks for his work over that time and his support for the trust.


I have had several conversations with Lawrence Levy on both of these matters and like everyone else await the appointment of the new manager with interest.


Music Quiz Night Friday 26th February 

Our ever popular music quiz night will be held on Friday 26th February in the Saints Bar starting at 8.00pm, the cost is £3 per person for tables of up to 6 people .

Vacancy for the post of treasurer

Nick Tarrant who has served as treasurer for the Saints City Trust since it formation in 2009 is leaving his post as he will be moving away from the St Albans are, we are currently looking to appoint someone to this role. I would like to thank Nick for his hard work on behalf of the trust over the last 6 years and wish him well for the future.


Trust Membership 2015/16 

The take up for 2014/15 has been excellent but for any of those who have not yet joined for the current season, I include a membership application form.  Please note that, subscriptions (excluding any donations made) remain at  £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for 


News from Supporters Direct

MP Clive Efford’s ‘Football Governance (Supporters' Participation) Bill’ that will give football supporters the right to buy shares in their clubs and to elect representatives to boards is published today.

The bill is listed for Second Reading in the House of Commons tomorrow (4th December). 

Clive Efford MP says’ “It’s time that fans are heard in the boardrooms of football clubs.  Too many decisions are made without fans even being consulted.  My bill will not give fans a controlling share but it will ensure they have a place at the table and will be able to put their views across.”

Background to the bill

Football clubs are attached to the communities in which they based like no other forms of business.  Fans do not choose their clubs after comparing prices or being influenced by clever marketing, it is an emotional attachment that lasts a lifetime.  Fans are the people that remain after club owners have moved on and they remain loyal through good times and bad.  With few exceptions it is the communities around the clubs that provide the bulk of the fans that pack the grounds and make our football so exciting and attractive to watch.  If the grounds were empty the TV companies would not be interested in paying large sums of money to televise games and the money coming into football from TV rights would dry up.

Yet time and time again we see fans being overlooked on issues that directly affect them: naming rights; sponsorship; cost of tickets – particularly for away fans; changing club colours; and costs of merchandise. These are all examples of disputes that have occurred between fans and club directors.  It is time that fans had a voice.

This bill will not give fans a controlling stake, but it will allow them, where they chose to do so, to have a voice in the boardroom and where they have the means, to take a stake in their club.  The fans’ group will be constituted to provide transparency about how funds are managed and the board representatives are held to account.  Fans that are elected to the boards will have to undertake training to ensure that they understand the legal requirements of being a board member.   It’s time to give fans a voice.

Where they chose to do so fans can set up an appropriately constituted group that will have the right to buy up to 10 percent of the shares available for purchase when there is a change of ownership, which is when 30 percent or more of the shares on offer.  The group will also be able to elect and remove two members or up to 25 percent, whichever is the greater, of their club’s board.


Seasons greetings to you and your family


Ian Rogers


Saints City Trust