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A New Ground For St Albans City

The news that a submission has been made to build a new ground along with an enabling development of 400 houses at Chiswell   Green adjacent to the M25, is probably of no surprise to supporters. The owners have for a number of years made clear their intentions to provide a ground that facilitates more than just 1 or 2 matches a fortnight, something that is not achievable at Clarence Park due to the limited space and restrictive covenant on the location.

Saints City Trust Music Quiz - 23 February 2018

This year's Music Quiz took place in the Saints Bar on Friday 23 February, with yet anoither tight finish between the top 2 teams.  The quiz was set and run on the night by Ian Rogers and attracted a great turnout of 9 teams and 53 people, including Ingve, Per and Thomas over from Oslo to join Rolf in the Norwegian Branch team.  A very enjoyable evening was had by everyone.


The final positions were as follows -

  1.   The Butlins Massive  332

  2.   The Thursday Night Music Club 321  

  3.   What Is a Sentiment?  307

  4.   Grey Matters  272  

2017/18 Saints City Trust Prediction League - 28 January 2018

The updated positions in the Saints City Trust Prediction League, as at 28 January, sees past winner Mick Roberts taking closer order only 2 points behind John Feneley, with the chasing pack just, containing the dangerous Vince Duffy and Richard Funnell, a further point behind. The biggest risers this time around are Rolf Børresen up 12 places, Roger Aggett and Tom Norman both up 11 and Simon Edwards up 10 places. Junko Edwards, Sarah Hilliard and Steve Whiting fall 24, 22 and 14 places, respectively.

Council Planning Meeting Tuesday 22nd May

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 6:00pm
SADC Offices
This is a statement copied from St Albans City Youth site , I could not have put it better myself , I would urge all supporters to attend the meeting to lobby councillors on this critical issue. Following the news that St Albans District Council have snubbed the proposal for a new ground for St Albans City Football Club in leaving it out of their proposed District Plan, we need to make the people’s views of this decision known. Therefore we need your support.

2017/18 Saints City Trust Prediction League - 18 December 2017

The updated positions in the Saints City Trust Prediction League, as at 18 December, sees 'Fenners' forging a 4 point lead at the top with Vince Duffy, Sarah Hilliard and Steve Whiting all making significant moves to try and close the gap. The biggest fallers this time around are Willie Wilson and Peter Gaylard, who plummet 28 and 22 places, respectively, while Haydn Wigg also falls from 2nd to 17th position. Still very tight and all to play for..........................

As at 18 December 2017

No. and Points