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Notes from Fans Forum held on Thursday 2nd February 2017

Notes from Fans Forum held on Thursday 2nd Febraury 2017


In attendance

Lawrence Levy [LL]

Tom Norman  [TN]

Ian Allinson  [IA]

26 supporters


LL opened the evening saying this is the 6th year in charge for the current owners, they are still learning about football, but this is a very different club to that they took control of. The club is working towards a modern sustainable football club, Burton Albion was mentioned as an example.

Update on new ground

2016/17 Saints City Trust Prediction League - 28 January 2017

The updated positions in the Saints City Trust Prediction League, as at 28 January, sees a number changes with Peter Knock and Richard Stanwell forcing their way to the top and opening up a little chink of daylight from the main pack. There are also big rises for James Knock who leaps 23 places, Bernie Brothwell and our Aussie supporter, Frank Godman. The old stalwart, John Feneley, is still lurking dangerously. Still all very close, anyone can win this .........................

As at 28 January 2017

No. and Points

2016/17 Saints City Trust Prediction League - 12 December 2016

The updated positions in the Saints City Trust Prediction League, as at 12 December, sees some big changes with Jack Press rising 14 places to top spot closely followed by Mick Holland who is up 19 places to 2nd. Another significant riser is Sue Sylvester up from 38th to 18th spot. Going the other way, Sue Rogers and Lindsey McLeod are down 37 and 18 places, respectively, while old stalwart John Feneley is determinedly holding on to 4th place and lurking very dangerously. This is probably the tightest competition yet, with only 8 points separating the top 20.

Saints City Trust General Knowledge Quiz - 28 October 2016

This year's General Knowledge Quiz took place in the Saints Bar on Friday 28 October and it was a close run thing right up until the end, with the wipe out round coming into its own.  The quiz was set and run on the night by Greg Needoff and Simon Edwards and attracted an excellent turnout of 11 teams and 64 people, including 4 of the Norwegian Branch - Per, Jørn, Ingve and Rolf, who travelled over for the weekend from Oslo.  All in all, it was a very successful evening.


The final positions were as follows -

  1.   North and South  165