Saints City Trust is a democratic, independent, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at St Albans City F.C. and strengthening the links between the club and the community. On this website, you find a full list of our objectives, contact details for our officers, and information about our recent and upcoming events.  For more information contact



The Harpenden Construction Limited April 2015 Player of the Month award goes to James Comley.  Pictured is James being presented with his award, prior to the home game against Ebbsfleet Utd by Catherine Hieatt, on behalf of the Courtyard Café in Hatfield Road, the April 2015 sponsors. Photo courtesy of Bob Walkley.

2014/15 Prediction League Update 7th April

The updated positions in the Saints City Trust Prediction League, as at 7 April, sees long time leader Willie Wilson still in front but only by the skin of his teeth. A lot of movement in the past 2 months have seen some slip away but both Vernon Hames and Vince Duffy have moved in the other direction forcing their way into to the reckoning with Vince edging ominously close to Willie in top spot. The F.A. Cup and Champions League could make all the difference to the final outcome...................... 


No. and Points

Saints City Trust Music Quiz - 27 February 2015

This year's Music Quiz took place in the Saints Bar on Friday 27 February and featured music from the 1950s through until the current decade.  The quiz was set and run by Ian Rogers and attracted an excellent turnout of 12 teams and 56 people, including 6 of the Norwegian Branch, who travelled over for the weekend from Oslo.  All in all, it was very successful evening with a good time being had by one and all.

The final positions were as follows -

  1.   Danny and the Seniors

  2.   The Non Blondes

  3.   Oi! Oi! Savaloy

  4.   I Killed Lucy Beale

Fans Forum 26th February

In attendance Lawrence Levy[LL], Nick Archer [NA] ,47 attendees including local councilliors Sandy Walkington, Melvyn Teare, Annie Bewster

NA opened the forum saying there is no hidden agenda you can ask what you like.

LL said John McGowan offered his apologies for not attending he could not make this specific date.

he spoke about SA City youth connection via Dave Rae and monies the youth have raised, he thanked Jack Kearney for the petition he had set up and that a lap top was here tonight to sign it for those without internet access.