General Knowledge Quiz - Friday 28 February 2020

This year's General Knowledge Quiz, organised as a joint venture by the Saints City Trust and Stand By Your Saints took place in the Saints Bar on Friday 28 February and, yet again, made for a very close finish between 1st and 2nd places.  The quiz was set and run on the night by Morton and Marian Love and attracted a magnificent turnout of 10 teams and 70 people.  All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening.


The final positions were as follows -

  1.   New Greens Unathletic  81

  2.   Rasher's Rebels  80

  3.   The Bleeding Obvious  78

  4.   Lenny Piper's Magic Pants  74  

  5.   M-m-m-my Corona.... 72

  5.   Bab's Things 72

  7.   ELO ELO ELO  69

  8.   The Friday Night Saints 64

  8.   Champagne For Breakfast  52

10.   We Do This Every Friday  114


The final draw included the team finishing in 1st place together with the three random positions of 2nd, 5th and 8th, which were drawn out of the hat in the interval.  The various prizes went to New Greens Unathletic,  Rasher's Rebels,  M-m-m-my Corona....(via a tie-break with Bab's Things) and The Friday Night Saints.  A half time raffle was also run by Lee Wood, with a number of excellent prizes .  Our sincere thanks go to Morton, Marian, Lee, Ian Rogers for supplying the P.A.,Trevor Oakley for providing the food, to Julia and Lauren in charge of the bar and to everyone who turned up on the evening.