notes of meeting between football club and season ticket holders

Notes of meeting held via Zoom by St Albans City F.C and season ticket holders on Thursday 22ND April 2021

LL = Lawrence Levy

TC = Tony Colbourne

IA = Ian Allinson

IR = Ian Rogers

LL opened the meeting stating any questions raised would be answered , and went onto to say it is now 10 years since himself and John McGowan had taken over ownership of the football club. He went on to say it had been a steep learning curve and particularly difficult both financially and operationally over the last 2 years.

He spoke about the new ground and that work was ongoing with the council regarding suitable sites, adding that Clarence Park is financially and environmentally not sustainable.

LL spoke about the £18 price increase and that claims the owners were profiteering can clearly be seen to be untrue by looking at the clubs accounts.

LL said that the club were bettered prepared than some in the pandemic due to having card payments etc already in place.The relationship with the supporters Trust was spoken about , LL said he saw it as a positive engagement .

LL spoke about the radical changes that had been made in order to take the club forward listing the digitising of ticketing as one item.

He explained that the sponsorship deal with Oaklands had discontinued and the brining on board of Hummel. The changing of the club crest was spoken about, LL said it made the badging up of merchandise easier but recognised the way it was communicated was wrong and noted previous comments made by both supporter groups.

Other items spoken about -  community engagement and the work being done by Dean Austin with the academy.

LL said you need to have a target – a vision and the clubs was to be national league or football league in 5 years.

There had been no direct income to the football club since December but all the players were still being paid wages.

Continuing the season ,  problems with streaming games , were covered.

A new patio area is being opened at the ground and there are plans for a fans zone along with improved catering facilities and overall improving the match day experience.. The alcohol licence application had drawn opposition from local residents.

LL spoke about the possibility of holding events such as a farmers market at the club.

Ian Allinson gave an update speaking about the players that had been released, the signing of Liam Sole who has been released by Nottingham Forest and that Michael Johnson and Zane Banton had both signed on for next season. A lot of conversations were ongoing with other players many of who had agents acting for them.

Pre season friendlies were being arranged , Stevenage have confirmed their first team will play us, also Watford under 23 with possibly some first team players. Wealdstone at home and matches at Hendon and Cheshunt were also arranged.

Tony Colbourne spoke about season ticket holders from the past season who will be given a pro rate 60% refund on request by emailing the club but those who were in the membership scheme were not offered refunds as as discounts at the shop were still possible.

IR asked what other clubs were offering their season ticket holders? TC replied it was similar to that we are doing or asking for donations.

Prices next season will remain the same as this and a new on line platform is being developed which will have tickets, club shop etc all in one place.

IR then gave an update on Trust activities , explaining that a number of Zoom meetings had been held with the football club including season ticket refunds hence this meeting , a drive   to increase membership and attract younger members was being planned . A Trust board member will attend all future club meetings relevant to supporters .Ian Oakley had provided support to resolve the streaming issues the club had had.

A question was asked regarding the streaming of games for season ticket holders next season, TC/LL said an approach was being put forward to the national league to consider this option.TC added some supporters may not wish to attend games at this time and the streaming option would be beneficial for those people.

IR asked that as this meeting was only for season ticket holders would the club consider holding an open Zoom meeting for all supporters in future? LL agreed this was an option.

Meeting ended at 2030 hours.

Note prepared by Ian Rogers